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Local Offer for Children with Special Educational Needs and/ or Disabilities (SEND)

Every child who joins us is assigned a keyperson who complete regular observations that are used to inform the child’s planning around their individual needs and interests. These include interests from home and interests at nursery. The key person completes assessments on every child to identify any support that may be required.

These assessments are shared with the parents who are encouraged to add their comments. We then implement a joint approach.
When a child initially starts with us, we provide settling in sessions where the key person familiarises themselves with the child’s individual needs, interests and abilities. Both the key person and the parent agree how those identified needs or educational milestones can be addressed, by drawing up a starting the initial development plan to identify any concerns.

Child Model


If a child has any Special Educational Needs, our  specialist nursery SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator) will support the key person, child and families to ensure that the child’s individual needs are met.
We have robust policies and procedures in place which are reviewed regularly ensuring that our resources and environments are suitable and accessible for all.
The SENCO will work closely with the key person to differentiate resources, experiences and activities to support the child. 

The nursery SENCO will work with the key person to provide personal plans for each individual child based around their abilities and interests.

The SENCO will liaise with other professionals (with the parents’ consent) such as Early Years Inclusion Officers, Speech and Language Therapists and Health Visitors to gain further advise in supporting each individual child.  

​The SENCO and the key person will work collaboratively to ensure that these targets and strategies are implemented.
The plans and activities will be reviewed by the key person, SENCO and the parents regularly to update plans and provide support for all children. 

Parent’s communication is valued and the key person will work together with the parents to ensure that every child’s learning is supported.
At the initial settling in sessions the parent/ carers will work with the key person to settle the child into the nursery. Throughout this time the key person will complete the information sheet to understand the child’s individual routines, needs, interests and abilities.
The parents are encouraged to work together with the key person completing observations and activities for home to keep them informed of new interests so that this can be incorporated in the activities that are planned for that child.

Support ongoing

The parents will be invited to attend regular meetings to review the child’s progress.

Every child has their own learning journal that the parents can view at any time. The parents are encouraged to add their views and comments.  

If the family has English as an additional language, they will be encouraged to share key words in their home language for the key person to understand with the child.

Change is part of life and we support our children to go through various stages of change for example if they have to transition from one room to another following their birthday, the key person will ensure that the transitions are well planned and supported and all relevant information is handed over to the new key person in a timely manner. To ensure success both key persons will ensure that  the  settling in sessions into the next age range are  coordinated and that the child’s interests and needs are catered for  and that the child is well adjusted to their new room and peers.
When a child is ready to transition to School the new teachers will be invited into the nursery to meet the key person and all relevant transition supporting documents are completed and relayed to the School to ensure a smooth transition takes place for all children. A supported visit to the school with the parents and the key person can be arranged if that is deemed to be suitable for a smooth transition to school.

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