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Communication is at the heart of every healthy relationship and we seek to have a great relationship with our families.

We want you to be thrilled with the experience that we offer your child at nursery.


We send weekly newsletters by email containing a full montage of photographs and activities from the week. We also have a magazine that comes out three times a year. We encourage parents to play an active part in nursery life and invite you to attend various interactive events. You can phone us at any time during the day for an update on your child.

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Terms & Conditions

View our Terms and Conditions here.

Secure Facebook Group for parents

We also add to our Facebook page and tweet very regularly. We understand that parents find comfort in knowing what activities their children are taking part in while at nursery. This knowledge helps towards engaging conversation between you and your child. Join our secure Facebook group.

Our parents are able to view, contribute and comment on their child’s Learning Journey through a secure online app. This smart phone app gives you immediate access to your child’s day – how much they’ve eaten, when they napped and much more. If you download the app you can receive push notifications when observations, photos, videos or news is uploaded. 

Daily Notifications

As a mum, healthy eating and nutrition is really important to me. All the food is prepared in an on-site kitchen, where we manage the catering requirements for all of our children. All meals are specially planned to be age appropriate. Menus for different age groups are designed to ensure all children have the right energy and nutrients to support their growth, development and learning. Our cooks ensure that fruit and vegetables are cut into certain shapes to reduce the risk of choking.

We cater for allergies and any other dietary requirements and have rigorous policies in place to ensure that they are adhered to.

We can tell you exactly where all the ingredients for your children’s food was sourced, as well as the nutritional values of every single meal at nursery. We are committed to providing excellent nutrition for your children.

We update and change our menus week to week.


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