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3 months - 2 years

These precious ducklings bring a sense of knowing which lends to a graceful self-confidence of trying out new things as well as having fun and splendid time exploring. The ducklings look curiously into the eyes of their care givers to feel that emotional connection and then squeal with delight at every gesture and movement that is done to extend their development and learning.


The ducklings have a beautiful spacious room with a separate sleeping room and direct access to their own garden.


As the ducklings love to explore and and experiment through a variety of sensory and play experiences, a variety of natural objects, materials and music to stimulate, calm and engage, are provided.


The setting ensure that the home routine is followed as much as possible and that includes, sleep patterns, weaning, dietary needs, nappy routines etc.

There is also a lovely wooden climbing frame to help with the children's development.

2 - 3 years

The barn owls have great power of listening and it is these excellent hearing skills that will enable the children to learn new skills in readiness for school.


By encouraging the children to listen deeply and intently, the barn owl’s are able to be creative as they tap into their abilities to find what they need where others may see nothing.

The barn owls  room is laid out in a way to enable the children to create a “neural map” of auditory space.  Research has shown that this stage is the most productive times in a child’s life as they  open their senses beyond their surroundings as they explore the unknown.


The Barn Owls room has an inviting and friendly atmosphere which is filled with fun and adventure and has direct access to the garden. We recognise that children learn in different ways and provide a wide selection of activities to meet their individual needs.

3-5 years

The butterflies are going through a stage of transformation, creativity, endless potential, vibrant joy, change, ascension, and an ability to learn and experience the wonder of life through play.

The butterflies are so graceful and beautiful, always lighting up everyone they encounter and make them shine a little brighter just by hearing the endless questions and excitement to positively transform the mood of all who encounter these bouncing butterflies.


The butterlies room is found in a beautiful building designed to encourage children in developing skills for independence whilst ensuring that they feel safe and secure.


The building is self-sufficient  with its own kitchen facilities where children are encouraged to take part in preparing their own meals and snacks to promote their life skills.


The children use the low-level toilets in readiness for transfer to school.


There is direct access to the garden area, allowing free flow for indoor and outdoor play.

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