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Nurseries News Round-Up – Week 71

Your weekly round-up of news from around our wonderful Golden Apples Family nurseries is here!


The Beacon, Rendlesham

Toddlers and Pre-School joined forces to create their own magical potions!

They enjoyed the awe and wonder, watching the reactions when certain ingredients were added together, fizzing and bubbling.

They explored using their senses, discussing the various smells like vinegar and lemon juice, as well as all the different colours and ingredients.

Some of the potions created will make you fly, turn into a cat or even give you magic powers like a superhero!


Babies played in their very own fairy garden, helping them to fly around their magical land and showing them all their favourite toys in their own garden!


The Appletree, Attleborough

For the topic Autumn our Pippins have been busy exploring pumpkins, mini pumpkins and ghost pumpkins.

The children each had a chance to explore whole pumpkins and pumpkins cut in half – the children felt the squishy insides. Some of us liked the feeling – and some didn’t.

We also worked together to decorate the Pippins for Halloween. We loved feeling the spider we placed on the ceiling and the cobwebs he left behind.

To extend our learning at home you could help decorate or explore some other Autumn vegetables. You could also try making an Autumn soup using pumpkins, squash, carrots and swedes.

Here are some easy and fun activities to try at home:


The Ark, Watton

As part of the Harvest Festival, The Ark nursery would like to support their local community by collecting dried goods that we can donate to the local food bank.

With this in mind we are asking for donations from our amazing families to help us with this.

We will be collecting until the end of October and then making our delivery to the local food bank.

Any donations would be greatly received and we look forward to your support with this.


The Cornerstone, Martlesham

The children learnt some great yoga poses which was finished off with a massage and some meditating!


The Anchor, Huntingdon

Look at our amazing aftershool club!

They made fantastic healthy eating plates.

Superb discussions were heard as they concentrated and worked together to choose which foods are healthy and which foods should be eaten in moderation.


Head Start, Ramsey

Following on from talking about our homes, the children have been enjoying a traditional story – the Three Little Pigs.

They have been very creative with their piggy crafts – we talked about how we make the colour pink.

The children used mathematical language as we discussed the book and built our houses.

They have been provided with resources to support them to recall information and retell the story and repeat the refrains – “I’ll huff and I’ll puff!”

They have been busy constructing houses made from a straw sticks and bricks and even suggested making their own cement mixture to build with.


Woodbridge Day Nursery, Woodbridge

Our Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers have spent time decorating some spooky biscuits with our college student today – this was all her own idea and we were so pleased it went well for her and that the children enjoyed it.


Our babies have had a lovely morning playing with the zoo animals in some chocolate scented gloop!


Halesworth Day Nursery, Halesworth

The Sloths have been exploring pumpkins.

The babies watched Megan cut open the pumpkin and then all had a go and feeling what was inside.

They used the spoons to transport the pumpkin seeds into a bowl.


The Lemurs have been exploring pumpkin-inspired play-dough – they all took it in turns to take a piece of play-dough and then started making their own pumpkins.

The children talked about the different textures and shapes of the pumpkins around the room.


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