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Nurseries News Round-Up – Week 26

Your weekly round-up of news from around our wonderful Golden Apples Family nurseries is here!


Head Start, Ramsey

The children thoroughly enjoyed reading the classic book Jack And The Beanstalk.

They also enjoyed exploring different foods and plants – such as corn on the cob, which had a very sweet taste, marmalade sandwiches for snacks, lavender and orange play-dough.

They then explored sunflowers and used their fine motor skills to cut the flowers.


Bluebell, Eltisley

The preschool room expanded their imaginative play ideas using the wooden people to add to their wooden block houses.


The kids got crafty with some fun finger painting in the toddler room!


The Appletree, Attleborough

The children in Russets have been looking at different colours inspired by the book My Many Coloured Days by Dr Seuss.

We talked about the colours – finding objects of a certain colour and naming the colour of a object when asked.

We built super-tall towers with pebbles and made our fish swim through the rainbow segments, talking about whether we thought the fish would fit.

We used comparative language such as large, too small and bigger, and we counted the number of fish we had.

Listen to the Dr Seuss story here:


There was homemade quiche for lunch at the Appletree – perfect as a cosy Autumn meal, packed full of yummy vegetables and lots of dairy. What’s your favourite meal for this time of year?

The Beacon, Rendlesham

Some of our toddlers went camping! They sang songs around a campfire and roasted marshmallows. Yum!


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