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Nurseries News Round-Up – Week 25

Your weekly round-up of news from around our wonderful Golden Apples Family nurseries is here!


Golden Apples, Haverhill

Busy, busy fun times at Golden Apples! Our Zaris spoke about the Queen and built their very own Buckingham Palace – which obviously HAD to include Paddington and his foot soldiers.

Cameos worked on their fine motor skills by manipulating malleable materials – pressing, pulling and pushing play-dough to build up the muscles in their hands.

Kanzis worked as a team to build ‘Kanzi Town’ – using a range of resources to create a fine-tuned metropolis, including a very intricate railway line, garage, doctors’ surgery and school!


Bluebell, Eltisley

Our children took part in a great threading activity in the classroom, using their fine motor skills to place buttons onto a thread.

We then expanded upon this by talking about the colours and thought about the different things that have buttons on them.


The Anchor, Huntingdon

To honour our wonderful Queen and welcome in the new King our children listened to a very sensitively worded explanation about how the Queen was very old and wasn't here any more and this why we now have a new King.

Then we all took part in producing a giant group painting of one of our favourite characters associated with the Queen – Paddington!

Head Start, Ramsey

The children at Head Start are thoroughly enjoying seeing lots of diggers going past the nursery at the moment.

They were very lucky recently, as the nice digger driver waved at them from his cab and then decided to put on a digger show for them.


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